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We have various programs in which volunteers are engaged for a better environment and a great impact on climate change.
CSAYN works hand in hand with many great organizations, where focus is to help in the amelioration of our eco-systems.

SDG Summit Dialogues

CSAYN GLobal is championing African Youth for the SDGs Training (AYSDGT) and conversation about the relevance of Youth in achievements of the Global Goals.

FieldScope Project

Youth, Mentors and teaching faculty report on outcomes and impacts of their various interventions related to climate change mitigation and adaptation, Climate Smart Agriculture and the agenda 2030 focusing on the SDG's.

Women in Agriculture for a Sustainable Africa (WASA)

The program aims at enlightening and empowering women in agriculture on sustainable ways to engage in farming business, processing, and marketing.

GCSAYN Education Exchange Program (CEEP)

This programme which was recently launched, is about enhancing student-student, student-teacher and student-lecturer mobility across all our Centres of Excellence hosted within Universities, Colleges & Schools.

Who are we

GCSAYN is a dynamic network of youth serving individuals and partner organizations with a strong interest in Climate Smart Agriculture and sustainable agriculture. Our network encompasses over 127 countries in Africa, Asia, the USA, Latin America, and Europe, through connection utilizing online platforms, where members share findings and seek practical advice for their projects and activities.

The primary objective of GCSAYN is to create awareness and build the capabilities of young people on CSA concepts to strengthen their abilities to adapt and mitigate emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) while sustainably increasing agricultural productivity and food security.

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UNFSS Dialogues

"Transforming Food Systems: Youth Innovation for Human and planetary health"

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