Children and Youth in Agriculture (CYA)


Children and Youth are the most valuable social groups that are most affected by the inadequate food systems which are suffering due to climate change. It is also that least developed regions with apparent lack of founding in agriculture and new technology are taking the biggest consequences and are in need of transition to sustainable agricultural ways.

Therefore children and youth as future of the sector should take up the charge and should be educated and equipt with work opportunities so that agriculture can become a work carrier. It is apparent that agriculture plays a big role in achieving sustainable development goals which are interconnected and interdependent. With current developments and the need for sustainable and resilient food chains to feed the ever-growing world population this topic becomes one of great importance


We want to see that children and youth are included in the agricultural value chain and to ensure that their needs are at the center of the accomplishment of the sustainable development goals between now and 2030.


  • To educate children and youth on the effects of climate change in agriculture, the role of sustainable practices in reaching 2030 Agenda goals;
  • Advocating for the improvement of the position of Children and Youth in the decision-making process regarding the topic;
  • Raising the awareness of communities and in couraging multicultural and multigenerational knowledge sharing to identify and implement good practices;
  • Connecting with social groups to present agriculture as a possible work career offering basic knowledge on the topic to the members;
  • Offering the knowledge and technological skills to children and youth;
  • Advocating for fair pay to vulnerable communities and the decrease of child labor in food chain production.


  • Operation Green School”, we mean by planting trees in as many schools as possible. Indeed, this activity responds to the need to involve and empower children and Youth in relation to the climate crisis mitigation measure.
  • Organize Youth Circles”, where Youth could share innovative ideas and point of views on different topics.