Who we are

About Us

GCSAYN is a dynamic network of youth-serving individuals and partner organizations with a strong interest in Climate Smart Agriculture and sustainable agriculture. Our network encompasses 124 countries in Africa, Asia, the USA, Latin America, and Europe, through connection utilizing online platforms, where members share findings and seek practical advice for their projects and activities.

The primary objective of GCSAYN is to create awareness and build the capabilities of young people on CSA concepts to strengthen their abilities to adapt to and mitigate emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG)while sustainably increasing agricultural productivity and food security.


Youth around the world are empowered to lead actions in climate-smart agriculture to nourish humankind while diminishing agriculture’s environmental footprint.


Raise awareness on CSA among young men and women to make informed decisions that counter current and future threats to sustainable, climate-smart agriculture. Youth are better positioned to make contributions to climate-resilient agriculture by influencing policy and on-the-ground practices enhancing integrated agroecological farming systems: crop production, livestock management, managing aquatic production systems, and sustainable forestry.