GCSAYN Secretariat

Ms. Aishwarya Narasimhadevara

Liaison to the UNHQ, USA

Ms. Achale Arrah Nyama Marvis

Chair, Women in Agriculture for Sustainable Africa (WASA), Cameroon

Mr. Sitezeu Towen Gabriel

Communications Officer, Cameroon

Mr. Saúl Elías López

Liaison to Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), Venezuela

Mr. Rood-Nedlon Sebastien

Partnership and Outreach Officer, Haiti

Dr. Suiven John Paul Tume

Liaison to GACSA, Cameroon

Mrs. Nina Nzbang Nana Nanje

Chief Financial Officer, Cameroon

Mrs. Sirri Eunice Neba

Research for Development and Capacity Building Team, Cameroon

Mr. Clark Halpern

Liaison to Wageningen University & Research (WUR) and World Bank, Netherlands

Ms. Tapiwa Murombedzi

Monitoring and Evaluation Expert, South Africa

Ms. Manyi Eyong Tribute

Extension Officer, Cameroon

Ms. Vidiene Fembam Juru

Co- Chair, Children & Youth in Agriculture (CYA) , Cameroon

Mr. Alex Burson

Co- Chair, Children & Youth in Agriculture (CYA) , UK

Mr. Aziawung Angelus

Business Development Officer, Cameroon

Mr. Gilbert wabunoha

Research for Development and Capacity Building Team, Lesotho

Technical Support Team

Ms. Jemimah Kutata

Focal Point : Persons with Disabilities, Kenya

Ms. Lucy Muchoki

Focal Point : Women in SMEs, Kenya

Ms. Robynne Anderson

Focal Point : Private Sector, Canada

Mr. Lloyd Helferty

Liaison to institution in Canada

Ms. Jessica Vega Ortega

Focal Point : Indigenous People, Mexico

Ms. Bwame Ewane Rose

Liaison to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cameroon

Cpt. Ndoumou Ludovic

Chief Security Officer, Cameroon

Ms. Lily Singelengele

Focal Point : Youth, Zambia

Ms. Arianna Giuliodori